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Ursa Minor Ascom driver for MC3 telescope controllers

This ascom driver is suited to control MC3 and OC5 telescope controllers via USB connection


The setup dialog box of the Ursa Minor Ascom Driver:

Ursa Minor Ascom driver setup dialog box

As you can see, the driver has some advanced functions. You can switch on doing some automatic steps at connection:

  • Setting the time for the controller by sending the system time of the computer.
  • Unpark the telescope
  • Synchronize the telescope position to the absolute encoders. By reading the position from the absolute encoders, the system knows the exact position of the telescope. This is better than parking/unparking.
  • Automatically start sidereal tracking.


One of the simplest way to test the Ascom driver is use the Ursa Minor telescope Ascom Driver tester program:

Ursa Minor tester program for telescope Ascom drivers

This program provides only some very basic operations: Connecting to the driver, start and stop tracking, and reading back the coordinates and the pier side.