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Under the Ursa Minor brand name we develop and manufacture astronomy related product for hobby and professional astronomers. For getting information of our products, please check the Products page. If you would like to buy Ursa Minor product please contact one of our distributors.

Ursa Minor Planetarium program for beginners and professionals.

Controlling telescopes with Ursa Minor Controlling telescopes with Ursa Minor

The program has three versions:

Ursa Minor Hobby
The smallest and easiest version without telescope control. Ideal choice for beginners.
Ursa Minor SkyTour
This program is similar to the hobby version, but supports these telescope mounts: Merlin, AutoTrack and SupaTrak.
Ursa Minor Pro
Full version with extended functions, larger database and higher magnitude limit. It can controll most of the popular telescopes too.

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With this Bluetooth interface you can control your telscope without wires. Connect it to the telescope mount and let it be controlled by your laptop computer! This Bluetooth interface can be ordered for these telescope mounts:

  • Merlin
  • Autotrack
  • SupaTrak
  • NEQ3, NEQ5, HEQ5, EQ6
Ursa Minor Bluetooth interface

The newest version of this Bluetooth interface has an additional DSLR remote connector. It is capable to remotely control the exposure time of a DSLR camera. Compatible with Canon EOS 350D, 400D, 450D, 500D models.

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MC3 is an universal astronomical telescope controller.

MC3 universal motor controller for astronomical telescope mounts


  • Freely configurable to most of the telescope mounts
  • Easy to use Hand control unit with graphic display
  • Internal astronomical database with 50000 objects
  • Dedicated Ascom driver: Compatible with most of the planetarium programs.
  • Battery backed real time clock

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