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Older version of MC3 and MC4 motor control

You can find here information about older versions of MC3 és MC4. These older versions are no longer manufactured.

If you need information about the current version oft he MC3 and MC4 please follow this link.

Connections on the front panel

MC3 front connections, version 1.0. (Two LEDs on the front panel)

Connection on the front panel MC3 Front connectios

MC3 front connections, version 1.1. (Three LEDs on the front panel)

MC3 előlapi csatlakozók

MC3 front connections, version 1.2. (Four LEDs on the front panel)

MC3 front panel connections

MC3 front connections from left to right: Autoguider, Ursa Minor hand control, Synta hand control, USB port, DSLR camera remote output.

MC4 front connections, version 1.3. (Four LEDs on the front panel)

MC4 front panel connections MC4 front panel connections

Program for configuration

A program called “mcconfig” serves to setup the mount. There are more versions available depending on the version of the MC3/MC4.

MCConfig 1.0 mcconfig_1.zip

MCConfig 2.0 mcconfig_2.zip

The program requires no installation. Just unzip the zip file. The program's user interface looks like this:

MCconfig 2.0:

Motor controller configuration

MCconfig 1.0:

Motor controller configuration

Difference between the versions:

MCconfig 2.0
  • Freely configurable gear ratio (only if the connected MC3/MC4 supports it)
  • Current limits are configurable directly in milliAmper units.
  • Max. speed is defined by the terms of sidereal speed
MCconfig 1.0
  • Gear ratio can not be configured freely. You can choose from a list of some mounts.
  • Motor currents can be set only in a 8 level range.